FireGento Magento 2 Hackathon in Paderborn 23./24.1.2016

Delivery Time: 2-3 Tage

Incl. 19% Tax


We would like to focus on Magento 2 learning and sharing knowledge.
If you don't have any experience with Magento 2 feel free to join us. 

There is no Magento 2 knowledge required.


We are always looking for sponsors for pre party, drinks, coffee breaks, etc.
Just send me (Tobi) an email or call me +49 5251 68 112 16

Pre-Party Location

The Pre-Party will start on friday at 20 PM. Sponsors are really welcome to support us, they will be rewarded in return by communicating about them during and after the event on our different channels (twitter, facebook, blogs, website, etc).

Pre-party location will be annouced later.

Hackathon Location

code-x Gmbh
Karl-Schurz-Straße 35
33100 Paderborn

Google Maps:


Please reserve a room nearby "Maspernplatz, 33098 Paderborn" or select "Bed in youth hostel".

Youth hostel

You share a room with 4 up to 6 guys. Price is €21.50 per night. All details and some photos at

Youth hostel not bot bookable anymore. If you would like to get an last-time-bed please write an email to

Hotels nearby city & pre-party

  • Stadthaus - 58 € per night - book at HRS
  • In VIA - 51 € per night - book at HRS
  • or take your own :)



Saturday: Lunch, coffebreak and diner.

Sunday: Lunch


Water, ClubMate, Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Cola light


The fee is 40€. A firegento member you get 15€ off.

Some Topics

  • Port Firegento Mage-Hackathon Shop to Magento 2
  • Start porting some firegento modules to Magento 2