Firegento Member Party (08.09.2017, Würzburg)

Incl. 19% Tax


Dear members,

it’s party time!

UPDATE We finally needed to book the rooms at the hostel.
If you also want to stay at the hostel: contact me ( or the hostel itself.

But please order a ticket for €1 anyway, so that we know that you're going to join us!

Long version:

It’s a long-standing wish of Carmen to get together at a Firegento member party, without any other reasons such as hackathons or conferences - only to celebrate and party.

For this reason, there will be no sockets and no WIFI, but beer and BBQ!

We are delighted to announce that the Firegento member party #UNPLUGGENTO will take place for the first time.

Be there, join us!

When: on 08.09.2017
Where: Würzburg

What happens:

we’re getting together on friday. Everyone who can make it possible to arrive at the evening (about 4pm), is invited to join a sightseeing tour with Fabian Blechschmidt in Würzburg.
If the weather is nice we're going to make a BBQ at the river bank (Main).
We booked a few beds in the Youth hostel in Würzburg (4-6 persons per room)
On saturday morning we can have a breakfast together at the youth hostel. After that, you can leave and spend the weekend with family and (other) friends or a socket and WIFI ;-)

Short version:

1 night, members only, unplugged, barbecue.

FireGento pays the food, you pay for your room.

We’re hope to see you all there!