Leipzig (31.5. - 2.6.2013)

Incl. 19% Tax



The first hackathon in Leipzig will be in the "Jugendherberge Leipzig". It is in the east of Leipzig.

We have three conference rooms for presentations and hacking.


We are working hard with the youth hostel and the german Telekom at the moment to find a solution, but it is not easy. At the moment there is no internet provided by us! :-( There is a plan, a good plan. So we will have internet! ... hopefully.


We have beds in two- to four-beded rooms reserved gor you. Two rooms share a shower and toilet or the toilets are straight before the rooms. Linen included. Please bring your own towel.

You can have a room for you alone: 10€ per night (20€) or you can have a room with another person: 5€ per person and night (10€ per person)


Breakfast, lunch and diner are included, coffebreaks are ordered as early as we have a sponsor.


Drinks are NOT included. We are looking for a sponsor here, too.


Shirts as well need sponsoring


The fee is 100€.

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