Magento 2 development and deployment training for Magento 1 developers (14./15.09.2017, Hamburg)

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This one-day training is led by the Magento Certified Developers Andreas Mautz and David Verholen

Magento Trainer Andreas Mautz
Andreas Mautz is the co-founder of webvisum GmbH and Entwicklungshilfe NRW, a coaching company to enforce a better development culture in germany. Besides being an experienced Magento 1 and (slighly less experienced) Magento 2 developer, he has also been a trainer in various development topics for many years.
Magento Trainer David Verholen
David Verholen is Senior Web Developer at brandung. Besides being an experienced Magento 1 and 2 developer he is focused on development pipelines with GitLab.

You know your way around Magento 1, but Magento 2 is a completely different story? Then this training is perfect for you. It is designed for (more or less) experienced Magento 1 developers who want to get a kick-start into developing with Magento 2.


Training starts on at 09:30 and ends at 17:00. There is going to be a lunch break which is included in the ticket price.

The training consists of six parts. Three theoretical lectures (T) and three live coding / sample demonstrations (P)

We will divide them on the two days based on the needs

Introduction (T)

  • Installation
  • File Structure
  • Dependency Injection
  • Modul Structure
  • Controller

Customisation (P)

  • Preferences
  • Plugins
  • Events

Configuration (T)

  • Configuration
  • Setup scripting
  • Translation

Service Layer (P)

  • API
  • Service Architecture
  • Object Manager

Development Best Practises (T)

  • Automated Testing

Frontend Development (P)

  • UI Components
  • JavaScript


  • to be defined


Given that it's a two-day training, the training probably won't cover every topic in full depth. In some topics we will step deeper based on the participants needs.

This is a training, not a workshop. The training does not include exercises for attendees. We will try to include some coding examples and Live Coding, but we can not guarantee it. Afterwards, every attendee is going to receive the code and slides which will be developed during the training.

Ticket Fees

€ 600.- incl. tax.

(€ 300.- incl. tax for FireGento members)


betahaus Hamburg


English. In the case of only German speaking developers attending, we can switch to German.