Magento 2 development training for Magento 1 developers (08.06.2017, Milan)

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Andreas von StudnitzThis one-day training is led by Magento Certified Developer Andreas von Studnitz, co-founder of integer_net. Besides being an experienced Magento 1 and (slighly less experienced) Magento 2 developer, he has also been a Magento trainer for many years.

You know your way around Magento 1, but Magento 2 is a completely different story? Then this training is perfect for you. It is designed for (more or less) experienced Magento 1 developers who want to get a kick-start into developing with Magento 2.

Topics include:

  • Directory Structure of Magento 2
  • Module Structure
  • Controllers
  • Dependency Injection - Basics
  • Exchanging Classes by Preferences
  • Injecting Code by Plugins
  • Events / ObserversMagento Certified Developer
  • Setup Scripts
  • Configuration
  • Frontend Basics
  • Development Best Practice
  • Questions and Answers

Given that it's a one-day training, the training probably won't cover the following topics:

  • Everything which has to do with JavaScript
  • UI Components
  • Automated Tests
  • Installation, Deployment, Server Setup

This is a training, not a workshop. The training does not include exercises for attendees. Afterwards, every attendee is going to receive the code which will be developed during the training.


Please read about the training concept in our blog at

This is the fifth Magento 2 training with the same (proven) concept.

Ticket Fees

€ 300.- incl. tax.

(€ 275.- incl. tax for Attendees of MageTitansIT 2017 - please contact the organizers for the discount code)

(€ 200.- incl. tax for FireGento members)


Training starts on June 8th at 09:30 and ends at 17:00. There is going to be a lunch break and your lunch is included in the ticket price.


The training takes place at:

Talent Garden
Via Merano 16
20127 Milano