Magento 2 Frontend Training Part 1 of 2 (06.09.2017, Würzburg)

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Magento 2 Frontend Training by Jisse Reitsma

Magento Master 2017 Jisse Reitsma

Being part one of a two-day series, this one-day training is led by Magento Master Jisse Reitsma of Yireo. Jisse is the founder of Yireo, has been training Magento developers for years and has been focusing on Magento 2 since the beginning.

Are you a Magento 1 frontend developer who wants to step into Magento 2? Or are you new to Magento 2 and don't want to waste time learning the outdated Magento 1? In either case, this training is perfect for you.

This part focusses on the introduction and main concepts of theming in Magento 2.

Topics include:

  • File system and anatomy of themes
  • Fallback mechanisms
  • (Custom) Page-Layouts
  • PHTML & Blocks
  • Frontend-Workflow
  • Pre2processing
  • introduction to Responsive Theming
  • Usage of the CSS Library
  • Custom content using Widgets
  • Good & bad practice

Use of JavaScript, including require.js, jQuery, knockout.js and the famous UI Components will be covered separately in part two on September 7th by Jisse Reitsma.

This is a training, not a workshop. The training does not include exercises for attendees. Afterwards, every attendee is going to receive the code which will be developed during the training.




The Training starts on September 6th at 09:30 a.m. ends at 5:00 p.m. There is going to be a lunch break and your lunch is included in the ticket price.

Ticket Fees

300.- € incl. tax.

(150.- € incl. tax. for FireGento members)


The training takes place at:

To be defined.

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