Mage Unconference (27.-28.10.2018, #mageuc18)

Incl. 19% Tax


The fourth Magento Unconference will take place in Cologne in October 2018.


We'll have a preparty on friday evening. It is not part of the official event, but we are happy to have you with us!

Why two types of tickets?

Both tickets enable you to attend the full conference with all benefits (wifi, food, drinks as well as party and t-shirts if sponsored). For individuals without any magento business we like to share the spirit of community by offering a standard ticket price. For companies and business based attendees we offer the supporter ticket. We personally think that it's just fair to support the community you're getting paid for.

The thesis is easy: You earn money with Magento? You should buy a supporter ticket!

What Is The Magento Unconference?

The Magento Unconference (MageUC) is the first of her kind in the Magento environment. It's similar to a regular conference, which means experts and specialists attend the event, presenting and listening to various talks, networking and gaining experience. In contrast to a regular conference, the event's focus is on conversations and free topics. Talks and speakers are collected and elected during the event. Every participant has a chance to get involved.

The MageUC is organised by Firegento e.V., a non-profit association originated in the community, and therefore, pursues no commercial interests. The feedback to the last conference was so positive that we expect to welcome 150 participants from the international Magento environment.



If the event is canceled without replacement, the ticket costs will be refunded. Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs is not possible.

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