Munich (25. - 27.10.2013)

Incl. 19% Tax


1. Location

The 3rd Magento Hackathon will take place in the Office of Jarlssen right next to the „Münchner Freiheit“ quite some in the middle of Munich-Schwabing. Jarlssen has a wide open office with sufficient space to host teams separated from each other.


2. How to get there

The public transport-network is well developed on Munich and the U-Bahn-Station (subway) „Münchner Freiheit“ is about 100 meters away from the office of Jarlssen. Have a look at if you are planning your logistics. Within 15 Minutes you are almost at any place of the center area of Munich. If you are coming by plane, it is recommended to take the Airport bus infront of the terminal. It is faster and more convenient than the S-Bahn. The bus destination is the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) from where you have access to the U-Bahn (subway) and S-Bahn.


3. Food and drinks TBA


4. Evening Party TBA


5. Accomodation TBA