• B2B Marketplace (Cihan) (5/11/2017)

    Marketplace b2b

  • test (test) (2/10/2017)


  • Passthrough-SOAP-API (tobihille) (5/8/2015)

    I am tired of extending SOAP API (V2) every time we need a new field or we add an extension. My idea is to create a call which takes JSON, interprets it and does the Mage::getModel(foo/bar)->getCollection()->addFieldToFilter(...) - shit and returns all values as json. Step 2 would be implementing joins etc.

  • Revive MageMonitoring (Peter Ukena (@kortwotze)) (3/30/2015)

    Lets take https://github.com/magento-hackathon/Hackathon_MageMonitoring/ on again.

    - Revive the repository
    - Analyse structure
    - Rebuild/Enhance extension

  • PageBuilder for Magento-CMS (Rokko11) (12/28/2014)

    PageBuilder from SiteOrigin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/siteorigin-panels/) is a popular Wordpress-Module to build responsive sites. Transfering this idea to Magento would save lots of time: We must provide a responsive grid for positioning Magento-Widgets (or Basic HTML-Code).

  • Connect Manager Emails (Daniel Deady) (11/28/2014)

    Send emails to admin users when new module versions are available. It would save having to remember and log into the Connect Manager.

  • Built-in-tests for Magento (Fabian Schmengler) (10/21/2014)

    Writing reliable unit tests for Magento extensions is hard since most code is tightly coupled to the framework and cannot be isolated easily. A possible solution are built-in-tests (as described in http://uclab.khu.ac.kr/resources/publication/J_08.pdf) which test preconditions and postconditions of custom code in the context of the framework. I wrote a proof of concept for Magento that I would like to extend. It should be possible to use the library together with EcomDev_PHPUnit, with other test frameworks or independently.

  • Improve AOE Menta Testing for 1.9 (tobi-pb) (10/5/2014)

    Fabirco has created a basic framework to use selenium menta testing in magento. let us improve this framework so we could use it in daily work :)

  • mage-hackathon.de product detail page optimization (Nick Weisser) (9/18/2014)

    I'd like to create separate tabs for the different content sections like ticket fees, accommodation, location, etc. There's also room for some SEO optimization, because currently the title tag of the product detail page is empty ;-)

  • Dual Currency Display (Anna Völkl (@rescueAnn)) (7/29/2014)

    Idea gained from https://twitter.com/benmarks/status/492658771303604224

  • xxx (xxx) (7/8/2014)


  • test payment method for 3rd party services (Daniel Fahlke) (6/20/2014)

    in dev environments you mostly never use payment methods like CC or Paypal, which do processing the payment in an extra request after creation of the Order. In some cases this would be usefull, as it happens easy to falesly relay on circumstances which dont apply for cases where people use CC or Paypal. This module should be able to emulate such payment methods, including not finished payment process or canceled payment process.

  • Magento and Testing (therouv) (5/9/2014)

    Mage CI from EcomDev seems to be broken or no longer maintained which makes unit testing eg on Travis a lot harder IMHO. in this project we could redactor the mage ci tool and setup a testing infrastructure (e.g. clean database dumps for testing) on the Firegento server infrastructure to provide tools for the developers to test their magento extensions.

  • AngularGento (@datenbrille (Karl Spies)) (5/9/2014)

    Use the magento REST Service, or even write a new one, to connect an AngularJS Client with Magento. Goal: Have some kind of AngularJS Module/Service/...

  • CMS Versioning (tobihille) (5/7/2014)

    I'd like to have a way to create, show and revert diffs for CMS entries in backend. Maybe we can build on https://github.com/GordonLesti/Lesti_Version. Ideally suitable for dummies ;)

  • Brute Force Detector (Anna Völkl) (5/6/2014)

    Extending Magento Help Customers Extension: * send e-mail to admin after a certain amount of failed login count (to warn admin about brute force attempt) * implement failed login mails for backend login * maybe as a part of suggested security module (see below) Magento Help Customers Extension: Sends an email after a given time range to customers which failed to login. https://github.com/klein0r/magento-customer-helper

  • #[StoreOwner]Cart (Cyrill Schumacher) (5/6/2014)

    Like #AmazonCart http://www.amazon.com/gp/socialmedia/amazoncart/ref=amazoncart_surl_amazonbasketlp http://www.theverge.com/2014/5/5/5682838/amazon-cart-twitter-shopping-integration Store owners can of course choose their own hashtags.

  • Magento circumcircle search (Rokko_11) (5/5/2014)

    A circumcircle search (Umkreissuche) based on e.g. Google Maps where you can find products just next to your current location (or zip code or just geocodes). The challenge would be the performance, because these queries are hard/impossible to cache.

  • Prismic.io-Widget (Rokko_11) (5/5/2014)

    Sometimes, Magento-CMS is too complicated. With prismic.io your customers could manage their content easily without knowing static blocks, HTML,... and with versioning and release-dates! A Magento-Prismic-Widget could pull the content from their API and integrate this content into our static blocks. No more customers, who damage the Magento-CMS! ;)

  • Magento mail black/whitelist solution (Anna Völkl) (4/30/2014)

    Blacklist/whitelist solution to block/allow magento mails to certain addresses. For ex. block mails if the contain a certain name(part) and/or domain (for ex. to dev/test-domains). With regex-support, at best. https://twitter.com/rescueAnn/status/461080310890110976

  • allow more granular cache cleaning (Daniel Fahlke) (4/15/2014)

    Add new interfaces into the clean cache UI to directly clear caches for specific cache tags. For example inputs for ProductID or CategoryID to delete cache for single entries of them. In details this means: have a set of which allows other modules to register own cachetag prefixes for this UI

  • Support of Sourcemaps for JS and CSS merging (Daniel Fahlke) (4/11/2014)


  • admin maintainance mode (Daniel Fahlke) (4/4/2014)

    Some times people want to do an Import, or a reindex. But this processes are very fragile, so a single product save can cause a break down of it. To solve this, we could add a maintainance mode. If active, noone can log into the admin area, so we can safely do a reindex or product import.

  • Watermark size in percentage (Tim Vroom) (1/23/2014)

    The current watermarks require a exact amount of pixels to be defined. Working with percentages in width or height would be easier to use and to apply.

  • AirBrake / Errbit (Tymoteusz Motylewski) (1/13/2014)

    Implementation of the AirBreak / Errbit API . It's a tool for remote logging of application problems (errors, exceptions, etc). Extremely useful when you run Magento in the multiserver env. see https://github.com/errbit/errbit

  • Generalized Integrations module (B00MER) (1/12/2014)

    While the API is useful at times it can be problematic and slow. Since the majority of work (for me at least) is in integration points with 3rd party services a general abstract module to ease the pain of integration would prove useful across a broad range of integration requirements. Perhaps the biggest would be data mapping, and export utilities of such mapped data.

  • Ability to create CMS tree structures (Jakub Cegiełka) (1/12/2014)

    Yes I know, Magento is only ecommerce platform but sometimes we need to create CMS structure with sub pages, it would be nice to have this feature in Magento. http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/cms-tree.html this extension have this feature.

  • Shipping rates grid in Magento (Jakub Cegiełka) (1/12/2014)

    I think it would be nice to have something like this https://github.com/thebod/Thebod_Shippingrates in magento, this modfication of Magento will allow nice and easy managment of shipping rates out of magento box ;D

  • Extend Magicento Modulecreator (MagePsycho) (1/10/2014)

    May be we can contribute to PhpStorm's Magicento plugin to make module creator like: http://www.silksoftware.com/magento-module-creator http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/ultimate-modulecreator.html Also we can create a github repository where we can collect some useful Live Templates & Magicento PHP Scripts that boosts the Magento development.

  • Product Problems Detector (Tobias Zander) (11/28/2013)

    Do you know the problem that a product is not visible in the frontend and you don't know why? This module should help you to check if all required settings are alright, and you don't have to manually check inventory, visibility, websites-assignments and so on. It'll check all settings and tell you exactly why that product is not visible.

  • real Big Sample Data (Flyingmana) (10/24/2013)

    mainly for performanc research I would like to have a real real big dataset which covers all imaginably performance edge cases. some of them are: * many many categories whith more then 5 levels of depth. lets say 1k+ categories * configurable products with several options ( in the end 1 configurable = 10k+ simples {20×10×4×6×3}) * multiple websites/stores/storeviews ( should end in 1k storeviews ) Its ok(and suggested) if it ends in a script, which randomly creates this into files readable by an Importer, as this would speed up the generation and the importer can care in the end of optimize the saving to magento.

  • implement Module for prediction.io (Flyingmana) (10/23/2013)

    there is a service called http://prediction.io/ which targets on predicting user behaviors. Could be very interesting for recommendation backend

  • Reindexing Progress (tim-bezhashvyly) (10/14/2013)

    Visualize reindexing

  • Magento UnitTests (Mike Pretzlaw) (10/11/2013)

    Imagine the customer asking you to upgrade Magento from version to 1.8. Are you afraid? Or are you sure that everything will work fine after the update? What will it cost? Can you estimate the expenses? Let's make an extension that will proof everything will be fine after the update. Just some of the simplest things will be covered to have something you can ensure to your customer: - General product view - Catalog view works - Login in the backend still works - Checkout Onepage is working To name just a few things that shall be covered.

  • Extend inline translations (tim-bezhashvyly) (10/4/2013)

    Extend inline translations tool to translate CMS content also

  • Create order without to create product in backend (Sylvain Rayé) (9/16/2013)

    If you wish to generate an order without having an existing product, it's not possible. You have to create the product first. My idea is to allow a shop owner to create an order from the backend without the need to insert a new product in the catalog, just by providing a product title, a price and maybe other data. It could be based on a virtual product but not saved into the database. Possible or not that's the question!

  • The Installer (Jacques Bodin-Hullin) (9/11/2013)

    I wrote an old version of the "Installer" here: https://github.com/jacquesbh/Installer I'll be very happy to develop the version 2. The idea is to create an application from scratch in a PHAR "binary". Because actually the project is a One File project and it's so bad. Why don't create an application which allows to add custom templates and modules ? Allows to change configuration more easily? The idea is to have a new version more maintainable.

  • Security module (Tobias Zander) (6/10/2013)

    The idea is to develop a module, which protects against some common vulnerabilities, therefore automatically activates the X-Content-Security-Policy (and removes inline css and js in default template), scans for unescaped output in the installed template, checks for insecure settings in the admin area and many more. I think there are a lot of things which can be improved.

  • Cloud Hosting (admin admin) (6/9/2013)

    Cloud hosting without storage for cache,session,media etc.

  • Connect Composer Refactoring (Bastian) (6/1/2013)

    Connect Composer Refactoring

  • creation log (sw_tritum) (6/1/2013)

    Add columns to important tables that get filled with timestamps on insert/update by mysql automaticially in order to play the blamegame.

  • Symfony 2 Developer Console in Magento (Tobias Zander) (6/1/2013)

  • Flexible Grid / Export Tool (Marc Päpper) (6/1/2013)

    The idea is to create a module which is able to flexibly generate grids. In the backend view, you specify which entity you want to have a grid for and select all the attributes which you want to be able to show in the grid. In the newly created grid, you can then filter as usual and export the data as CSV (or XML).

  • Entity Type Manager (Anjey) (6/1/2013)

    Create custom entity types from admin area. Set up attributes, create entities Bind entity types to product attributes via source models Custom landing pages on frontend for entities.

  • Login with Amazon (Damian Luszczymak) (5/31/2013)


  • Reviewing judge (Fabian Blechschmidt) (5/31/2013)

    http://de.nr-apps.com/blog/2013/05/31/share-your-thoughts-about-judge-at-meet-magento/ https://github.com/NetresearchAppFactory/judge/

  • E-Mail Template Preview with Data (Damian Luszczymak) (5/31/2013)

  • Upgrade Script Creator (Matthias Zeis) (5/30/2013)

    Alan Storm has a script which creates upgrade scripts for product attributes (http://alanstorm.com/magento_attribute_migration_generator). We could write a tool /extension for developers which allows to create upgrade scripts for attributes (product, customer, ...), CMS pages and blocks, sales rules, tax rules etc. The benefit is that you can use the more convenient backend for creating the data (or let the store owners do it) and use the script to make sure that all your environments receive the data without moving around databases.

  • Category Attribute Creator (Matthias Zeis) (5/30/2013)

    In the Magento backend, you can manage product attributes and customer attributes (well, at least in EE). What about a manager for category attributes?

  • FireGento PDF (Simon Sprankel) (5/29/2013)

    The FireGento_Pdf module (https://github.com/firegento/firegento-pdf) could be enhanced, so that we have a stable version which can be added to Magento Connect by the end of the weekend.

  • Optimize magento for multi-server (Richard) (5/28/2013)

    If you want to run magento on multiple parallel nodes, you have to do much on your filesystem... Keeping everything in sync is the main problem. OK: Caches and Sessions in Memcached, Loadbalancing via varnish. But what about the media and var folder? That should be solved for everyone.

  • PriceRules on custom options and configurable products (Andreas Vogt) (5/28/2013)

    Proper use of configurable products and custom options with price rules. The price rules have no impact e.g. on product view prices of custom options or config prices atm.

  • Use Mage-Price-Rules within Facebook-Apps (Richard) (5/25/2013)

    It would be an interesting, useful and academic project to promote articles and categories via Facebook.

  • Auto Suggest Feature in filter of backend Grid (Sylvain Rayé) (5/22/2013)

    When a shop owner writes into the filter field for name or email address, a suggestion should be displayed to help him to fill in the field. I use also grid in frontend although there is not official implementation done. It could be something I could bring.

  • Black list for addresses (Thomas Kähler) (5/22/2013)

    Option to add an address to a blacklist check whether the (shipping?) address is on the blacklist and deny order

  • Ideas Project Module for this website (Sylvain Rayé) (5/21/2013)

    Allow to edit our own ideas based on the cookie session lifetime.

  • Improve the existing module Hackathon SocialCommerce (Sylvain Rayé) (5/21/2013)

    Add a feature to display a button to publish into social media the product from the backend instead of automatically publish it when a product is enabled. Sometimes products are enabled just for testing on frontend or do not want to be visible on frontend (internal purpose), so automatically publish to social media will provide problem in those cases.

  • Tiny Url for Magento Products (Sylvain Rayé) (5/21/2013)

    Generate tiny/short url without the need of bit.ly service or similar to allow share product links via newsletter, social media, email or presentation. It's not targeted to be published as main url on the frontend cause of SEO. However it could be displayed in the product description or similar.

  • Change Mage_Catalog from MySQL EAV to PHPCR (Fabian Blechschmidt) (5/5/2013)

    PHPCR would be a great backend for magento catalog. So let's change the resource models and implement it.

  • BigPipe (Tobias Zander) (5/5/2013)

    bigpipe flag in layout.xml for blocks to load them after content is flushed to browser

  • VersionEye integration (Tobias Zander) (5/2/2013)

    Integrate VersionEye (http://www.versioneye.com/) to check if installed modules are up2date and even directly allow to update them.

  • Fallback locale for derivative locale (Sylvain Rayé) (4/20/2013)

    To facilitate the maintenance of derivative locale, e.g. de_CH, de_AT, it will be nice to find a way to allow the use of a fallback locale like de_DE if a translation string is not found in the derivative package

  • Markdown alternative for WYSIWYG-Editor (Fabian Blechschmidt) (2/12/2013)

    Building a markdown editor as alternative to the WYSIWYG Editor.

  • Locale Management System (Fabian Blechschmidt) (2/7/2013)

    What Ivan said :o) More details: https://github.com/riconeitzel/German_LocalePack_de_DE/wiki/Ideensammlung---Locale-Management-System

  • Extension Review Website (Ivan Chepurnyi) (1/18/2013)

    Start finally development of extension code review platform: https://github.com/IvanChepurnyi/Extension_Reviews

  • Smart Magento Translation Generator for N98MageRun (Ivan Chepurnyi) (1/18/2013)

    Idea is to make possible of generation of translation files from any complex php code, so developers won't be binded anymore to strict usage of full Mage::helper()->__(): construction.