Test driven Magento 2 training (07.11.2017, Stuttgart)

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Fabian SchmenglerThis one-day training is led by Magento Certified Developer Fabian Schmengler, partner at integer_net. In the official top contributor program by Magento, he has been selected as Magento Master 2017 in the category "Mentors".

You have some experience with Magento 2, but not with automated testing? Or you want to learn how to write code and tests more efficiently? Then this training is perfect for you. It is designed for Magento (backend) developers at any skill level. Some experience with PHPUnit helps, but is not necessary.

If you have experience with Magento 1 but not Magento 2, it's recommended to participate in the Magento 2 Development Training for Magento 1 Developers the day before.

Topics include:

  • Test Driven Development Principle
  • Magento 2 Core Test Suites
  • Learning with Code Katas
  • Introduction to Integration Tests: Magento Test Framework, fixtures, controller tests, block tests, model tests, configuration tests
  • Introduction to Unit Tests: Using test dummies, writing testable code
    Magento Certified Developer
  • Test setup and Continuous Integration for extension developers and shop developers

Given that it's a one-day training, the training will only briefly introduce the following topics:

  • JavaScript Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Functional API Tests
  • Static Tests

This is a training, not a workshop. The training does not include exercises for attendees. Afterwards, every attendee is going to receive the code which will be developed during the training.

Ticket Fees

€ 300.- incl. tax.

(€ 150.- incl. tax for FireGento members)


Training starts on November 7th at 09:30 and ends at 17:00. There is going to be a lunch break and your lunch is included in the ticket price.


The training takes place at:

mzentrale GmbH & Co. KG
Mittelstraße 11/1
70180 Stuttgart



English. In the case of only German speaking developers attending, we can switch to German.